Jenna Over 45kg Loss Story

Jenna – Over 45kg Loss!

Year: 2016

Starting weight: 113kg

Current weight: 67kg

Procedure: Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass with Minimizer Ring + Small Bowel Resection

Hello my name is Jenna and this is my story.

Two and a half years after watching my husband, Brendan go through weight loss surgery and watching him succeed, I bit the bullet and got a referral to see my surgeon. That was three and a half years ago and I haven’t looked back.

Unlike my husband who had the sleeve, I had a Roux-en Y Gastric bypass with a Minimizer ring. I also didn’t have the ideal recovery due to an ectopic pregnancy and burst fallopian tube that resulted in me almost bleeding out a few weeks post op. This was not related to my weight loss surgery.

The support and help I got for my post op recovery from WMSA was beyond what I ever expected. Due to all the inflammation in my body I couldn’t tolerate purees and limited with liquids. The team were right there to help me every step of the way.

Lisa the WMSA dietitian, and Belinda the nurse gave me advice and checked in every couple of days for the first four to six weeks after my burst tube. By the time I was three months post op I was still having trouble with food intake and was vomiting every second meal. I was absolutely miserable. Lisa gave me advice and put me on Iberogast that helped my stomach digest food and give it a chance to heal. That was my life saver, and after being on it for thirty days I was like a new woman. I know without all the team at WMSA my recovery would have been a lot worse. They didn’t just leave me on my own to deal with issues alone. I had regular follow ups by phone with the team and in person review with my surgeon.

At about 6-7 months post op, I had a review my surgeon. He listened to my concerns about some pains I was having in my stomach. He knew straight away it was my gallbladder and told me it wouldn’t be a problem to take out and all I had to do was talk to the girls at the front desk and book an appointment to get it done. My gallbladder removal was performed without any issue.

To date I have lost 46kgs. I fell pregnant after my surgery and have gained 4kgs since giving birth to my son. This surgery is a tool and in no way a cheats game to get thin. I train three to four times a week and have to watch what I eat. I allow myself to live and indulge when the occasion arises because it’s all about balance and living your life in a healthy and happy way.

Apart from having the WMSA support, I had the best support system from my husband and family. It is so important to have that after surgery. My husband having been through it before was a HUGE help, mentally and physically, we have supported each other in doing the pre-op diet years after surgery to reset our eating habits and getting back in to a healthier lifestyle. We have learnt it’s not so much a physical game but a mental one more so with weight loss.  Having that constant support is what helps us succeed and reach goals we aim for.

  • Written by Jenna
  • 08.06.20

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