Renee Over 125kg Loss Story

Renee – Over 125kg Loss!

Year: 2018

Staring weight: 275kg

Current weight: 150kg

Procedure: Gastric Sleeve

My story starts in 2017 with me getting my heart restarted and almost dying at age 25. I was always the fat girl in school even dubbed as the D.U.F.F. (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) of my high school. When I was in grade 8, I was weighed in front of my health class. When I saw 110KGs on the scales it shocked me, my physical education teacher and my family but nothing was ever done about it. It was not until I was a legal adult that I could do something however, financial restraints restricted me from having my weight under control.

During high school between 2009 to 2017, I had tried numerous drugs, fad diets, meal replacements and even hypnosis to lose weight but failed after plateauing and then gaining it back tenfold. In 2017 I weighed in at close to 300kg (well over 600lb) I was living my very own episode of “My 600lb life” and a nightmare at the same time. I would have trouble walking more than 100 meters, driving my car and even showering myself. It got so bad that if I had to go out I would have to call in advance to see if they had seating to accommodate for me and my size.  I seldom did because I would always get dirty looks, rude comments from people or people gawking at me. In January 2018, I was forced to quit my job I had for over a decade as my health was clearly declining and that is when my GP referred me to my surgeon and the team at WMSA.

I had been in talks with other weight loss doctors at the time and most just wanted to get you in have the surgery, take your money and never talk again. I did not like that aspect. If I were to do this it would be on MY terms. I wanted a team of professionals to help me along the way. I remember my first appointment at WMSA. I went in there thinking maybe they cannot help me because I am just too big. I met with Elle that day and for the first time in my life my weight loss journey looked like it was going to be successful. A month later I had a date for surgery which would be about 3 months from the original appointment with Elle. Next, I would be meeting with my dietitian Lisa who would be a great ally and asset for my journey ahead. I will be the first to admit I was never a fan of dietitians before meeting Lisa; however, she changed my perception of what a dietitian is. Finally, I met with the in-house Psych team to mentally prepare me for the months ahead.

My road to my surgery looked great until I was readmitted into hospital with heart problems again. This led me to be put on blood thinners (Warfarin). I was worried that this would be the major speed bump in the road to my weight loss. Having any surgery whilst on blood thinners is dangerous, but with the in-house nurse at WMSA I was eased into having my surgery whilst on Warfarin. The nurse even showed me how to administer the new medication (Clexane Needle) I would have to take temporally after the surgery.

Fast forward to the day of the surgery I was nervous but with support of the Multi Skilled team at WMSA I knew this was going to be successful. A week after the surgery I go back for my first check up in the WMSA Offices and get weighed. Pre surgery I could not get weighed because the scales maxed at 250kg. For the first time I had seen a number on the screen and started to cry. This was really happening; I was losing weight. For once in my life I was making change a reality for me. I could see my future ahead of me and it was bright. Every month I had come back and jump on a scale happy because I was seeing the weight diminishing.

A year after surgery, I was doing activities I honestly thought I would never do. I go out and exercise, I can walk for hours and not have to sit down every 10 steps. I walked 10kms around Sydney for multiple days while on holidays. I am more flexible both physically and mentally. I do not use food as a comfort blanket. I am trying new foods that 2-3 years before I would not dare to touch (especially foods from a Mediterranean background… I blame Lisa the dietitian for this). Most importantly I have finally love me. I have never loved myself in my life. Without WMSA none of this would be possible they helped me to make change real.

My story does not end here… in fact it is just beginning! I will be looking to get a revision surgery soon so I can get below 100kgs for the first time in my adult life. When I have this surgery, I will be going back to the team at WMSA.

  • Written by Renee
  • 08.06.20

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